“Seniors in Manitoba’s rural communities deserve a wonderful place to enjoy their golden years in quality housing that lets them stay close to home.”

G&G Western Development are pleased to be working with the Rural Municipality of Riding Mountain West on Prairie Pride Senior Wellness Retirement Centre

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After a life of work and responsibilities you have earned the right to spend your time as you please. We offer you a simplified lifestyle that allows you more time to do what you love to do.

G&G WD Mission

At G&G Western Development our mission is to provide you and your community with quality, good-living housing using the life-lease model that fits perfectly with your local realities.

Benefits to the Buyer

  • Wellness features that allow you to keep up an active life at lower cost
  • Money works for you in your retirement
  • Financial benefit, get full down payment back when leaves
  • Liquidity that it creates goes towards monthly rent
  • Who manages the trust fund: The bank will guide to a selected trust company
  • Maintenance fees, utilities and tax are included in the rent 1 payment a month to take care of, simple
  • Compared to condo, costs are dispersed between 30 people, can save up to $2000 a year as compared

Benefits to the Community

  • Taxes on the land which is currently not being used
  • Permanent employment for approx. 6 people
  • Keeping people in the community
  • Bringing new people to the community
  • Contributes to the growth of the town
  • Create jobs in the community: priority is given to local contractors, tradesmen and workers whenever possible


Glendale Court
Glendale Court

Client: Tuxedo Lions Club
Type: Multifamily Life Lease 55 plus
No. of units: 59
Built: 2002-2003
Credits: Jack Goods, developer and designer | contractor: Borretta , architect: MMP
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Glendale Court
St James Lions Estates

Client: St James Lion’s Club
Type: Multifamily Life Lease
No. of units: 54
Built: 2002-2004
Credits: Jack Goods, developer | contractor: Borretta | designers/architect: MMP
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

Harvest View
Harvest View Life Lease Community

Client: to be determined
Type: Senior’s housing and wellness centre
No. of units: 77
Built: currently in development
Credits: Jack Goods: developer and designer | contractor: CL VanVeen Construction Ltd. | architect: to be determined
Location: Minnedosa, Manitoba, CA
* architect’s conception

Medicine Hat (???)
Medicine Hat Projects

Client: Medican
Type: Various
Built: 1988-1996
Credits: Jack Goods: development team | developer, contractor & architect: Medican
Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta, CA

South Ridge Estates
South Ridge Estates

Client: Remax
Type: Bungalow condominiums for seniors
No. of units: 12 buildings, 24 side-by-side units
Built: 1991-1993
Credits: Jack Goods, developer and designer | contractor: independent | architect: independent
Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, CA

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It would be great to hear from you to discuss potential projects or to plan a meeting with G&G Western Development’s project manager, Jack Goods.


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